Stacking Microscope Photography

A series of images are shot at various focus depths, then stacked together with software to create a final image with much greater depth of field than traditional close-up photography.

I use a home-built, automated microsope (see the image in the Miscellaneous gallery) for photographing larger objects like insects, or a regular microscope focused manually for smaller subjects.

Most shots are at 5X, 10X, or 20X magnification, using brightfield or darkfield illumination.


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From the Spice Rack

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Assorted Biological Samples

Look, you probably just don't want to know what some of this stuff is. Just enjoy the images, and don't think too much about what they are, OK?

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Cast in Stone

Or at least, in wood glue. After I learned that some people clean their vinyl records by putting on a layer of wood glue, letting it dry, then peeling it off, I decided I'd try it with integrated circuits, and it actually captures a lot of fine detail. Also tried it on other things.

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It is possible to preserve a snowflake on a slide with Krazy Glue. This is my first attempt, and while I failed to preserve any whole flakes, I did wind up with a lot of mutant fragments of snow.

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Tunrs out that dried tears are actually quite interesting under a microscope.

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